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Disposable Chemical Resistant Shoe Covers

Do you have an environment where exposure to hazardous chemicals is a concern? Then disposable chemical resistant shoe covers are what you need for protection. Our variety of chemical resistant shoe covers come in polylatex, polyethylene, and coated polypropylene which provide a varying degree of protection. All materials have a low particle release which makes them ideal for any cleanroom or critical environment application.

  • Standard Size fits up to adult size 13 shoes.
  • Extra Large Size fits up to adult size 15 shoes.

Advantage Plus Shoe Covers

Advantage Plus shoe covers are polyethylene coated polypropylene which protect against light chemical splash. These are great for food processing, light industrial or manufacturing, and cleaning applications.

Shoe Covers - Advantage Plus, Extra Large 300/case

Advantage Plus Shoe Covers XL

Size \ Price:
Quantity: 300 Per Case

Advantage Pro Shoe Covers

Advantage Pro shoe covers consist of a 3 layer material that protects against liquids and dust. These shoe covers will protect against light chemical splash in any work place.

Shoe Covers - Advantage Pro, Extra Large 300/case

Advantage Pro Shoe Covers XL

Size \ Price:
Quantity: 300 Per Case

Polylatex Shoe Covers

These polylatex shoe covers will protect the wearer against most chemicals and liquids. Polylatex is a low linting material which is great for use in cleanrooms and contamination controlled environments.

Polylatex Shoe Covers, 9 mil Diamond Pattern, Seamless, Extra Large 300/case

Polylatex Shoe Covers 9 mil Seamless XL

Size \ Price:
Quantity: 300 Per Case

Polylatex Shoe Covers, Clopay, Extra Large 300/case

Polylatex Shoe Covers Clopay XL

Size \ Price:
Quantity: 300 Per Case

Polyethylene Shoe Covers

Polyethylene shoe covers are great for any wet / dry application. The polyethylene material is impervious to liquids and lint free, which is ideal when it comes to controlling dust contamination.

Polyethylene Shoe Covers, 4 mil, Bagged 1000/case

4 mil Polyethylene Shoe Covers

Size \ Price:
Quantity: 1000 Per Case
Advantage Plus Advantage Pro Polylatex Polyethylene
Material Coated Polypropylene 3-Layer Polypropylene Polylatex Polyethylene
Pair / Case 150 150 150 150
Seamless No No Yes Yes
Anti Slip Sole No No No No
Breathable Yes Yes No No
Elastic Band Yes Yes Yes Yes
Low Linting Yes Yes Yes Yes
Impervious No No Yes Yes
Chemical Resistance Light Light High High

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