Disposable Shoe and Boot Covers
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Disposable Shoe Covers

Disposable shoe covers are an excellent way to keep your facilities and work sites clean. Shoes trap dust, dirt, and particulates on the sole and between treads then deposit the dirt in a different location. In a controlled environment this is unacceptable, that is why you need shoe covers. Our disposable shoe covers are made with low linting material which has a low particle release, so when worn you will significantly reduce the amount of debris spread from one place to another.

Need a shoe cover for a specific application? Our selection of disposable shoe covers covers all the bases whether you need a waterproof shoe cover, anti-static shoe cover, no slip shoe cover and more. Whether you work for in construction, laboratories, hospitals, manufacturing, or cleanrooms our shoe covers will meet your needs.

Regular Shoe Covers

Polypropylene Shoe Covers

Waterproof Shoe Covers

Advantage Plus Shoe Covers XL

Chemical Resistant Shoe Covers

Polylatex Shoe Covers Clopay XL

Anti-Static Shoe Covers

Advantage Pro Shoe Covers XL

Regular Shoe Covers Waterproof Shoe Covers Chemical Resistant Shoe Covers Anti Static Shoe Covers
Cleanrooms Yes Yes Yes Yes
Medical Facilities Yes Yes No No
Laboratories Facilities No Yes Yes No
Construction Yes Yes Yes Yes
Static Sensitive Environments No No No Yes
Manufacturing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Food Handling / Processing Yes Yes No No
Dry Environments Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wet Environments No Yes Yes No

Disposable Polypropylene Shoe Covers

If you are just worried about keeping contamination to a minimum and liquids aren't a concern then disposable polypropylene shoe covers are perfect for you. These shoe covers are cost effective and commonly found in hospitals, cleanrooms, food processing facilities, and other contamination controlled environments. Polypropylene shoe covers are made from a low linting material that has a low particle release so very little dirt will get spread around as people travel from one area to another.

Disposable Waterproof Shoe Covers

Is water a concern in your work place, and need to maintain a clean environment? Our disposable waterproof shoe covers will help you do just that. These shoe covers are made to repel water and protect shoes while allowing you to minimize dust contamination. With a variety of different shoe covers you can find a shoe cover that will best fit your needs and application.

Disposable Chemical Resistant Shoe Covers

With chemical resistant shoe covers you will be safe around the work place from a variety of hazardous chemicals. You can choose from a number of different styles with varying degrees of protection. We have disposable shoe covers that will protect from light splash and others that are impervious to most chemicals. These shoe covers are excellent for use in laboratories, manufacturing facilities, cleanrooms, food processing facilities, and more. Each style is made with a low particle release and lint free material so maintaining a controlled contaminant free area is easier.

Disposable Anti Static Shoe Covers

When working with or around static sensitive electronics and other equipment reducing the build up of static is imperative. That is where our anti static shoe covers come in. Our shoe covers are either treated with a static agent or have a conductive stip in the sole. Regardless of the style you choose you will also fight dust and dirt buildup as well, because all our disposable shoe covers are made with a low linting material which very little dirt and dust clings to.

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